Using your YoYo Mat

To quickly unroll your YoYo Mat, toss it away from you with the outer side facing up. Lock the ends of your mat flat by lifting each end bar up until it clicks.

When you are finished using your YoYo Mat, flip it over. The mat typically rolls up when the end is tapped against the ground. If it doesn't, just give it a helping start by bending the end of the mat in the rolling direction until it clicks.

Step By Step

1. With TOP side facing up, simply toss or unroll your YoYo Mat away from you.
2. Unroll the mat completely, then give it a click to lock in your YoYo Mat to stay flat.
3. Practice your fitness or yoga with no worries of your YoYo Mat curling or bunching up.
4. When you finish, simply FLIP your YoYo Mat over. There are many ways to flip the YoYo Mat over. Your YoYo Mat will always roll up all by itself.
5. Or flip your Yoyo Mat over completely flat and then just give it a click. Your YoYo Mat will also roll up all by itself.
6. Give your YoYo Mat a tap and twist if necessary. Your YoYo Mat will stay tightly rolled up without any straps or bags.


Cleaning your YoYo Mat

Spot clean with a natural, non-corrosive cleaner or wipe with a wet cloth. Lay flat to dry.


Caring for your YoYo Mat

Roll up and store in a cool, dry location when not in use.

The material may degrade or warp if left in direct sunlight or excessive heat for an extended period of time. Do not leave it inside a car on a hot day. Storage temperature should not exceed 110F.

Do not attempt to fold the mat. Do not bend the mat in the reverse direction. Doing either may damage or loosen the bands that allow the mat to roll up and lay flat.

If the mat is not aligned after rolling up, rest one end on the ground and push firmly down from the top. Do not smash the end of the roll against the ground.

If left unrolled for too long, rolling action may loosen. If this happens, roll and tighten the mat manually and give it time to regain its spring.