Can Yoyo Mats be used in all kinds of Yoga, Including Hot Yoga?

YES! Although the Cali Roll is better for traditional yoga, The Malibu Roll is ideal for Hot Yoga, it gets grippier the more its used and sweated on.


What makes YoYo Mats Roll?

The best way to describe it is, we took the same concept as slap band bracelets and incorporated it into our mats!


Is the mat heavier then normal mats?

No, The YoYo Mat varies from 3lbs to 4.5lbs depending on the model.


How hard is it to learn how to TOSS, FLIP, & ROLL your YoYo Mat the first time?

With any new product there an be a bit of a "learning" moment. So just practice rolling and unrolling your mat and you will find a way that is easiest for you. Also feel free to check out the USE & CARE page or send us a message info@yoyomats.com