The Evolution of the Mat

YoYo Mats was started with the purpose of creating products that bring true value to the customer, Merging the worlds of High Quality Materials, Modern but simple design,  and well thought out functionality. Qualities the fitness equipment world often overlooks.

Invented in 2014 by our CEO Aaron Thornton & his Father Jack Thornton, 
Already lifelong fitness enthusiasts, the duo grew excited to see Yoga become mainstream. Everything was evolving rapidly, from apparel & gear to classes, teachers & studios. Although the one accessory that is essential for your yoga/fitness practice was not... your yoga mat!

The industry was accepting that your mat was and always would be just a large "floppy" piece of material... why? If the rest of your life is constantly being improved with “gadget” like innovations then so should your Yoga & Fitness mat. 

The Light Bulb Moment:

Having grown up with a eye for innovating everyday items Aaron noticed a Yoga Class just ending as he was exiting the gym one day, and something caught his attention. As he watched the class end, he noticed several issues from these Yogis: one dropped her mat and it unrolled right in the hallway, another was picking up her shoes from the corners of her mat in an attempt to keep the edges flat, and another was in such a hurry he simply folded up the mat in a very clunky bundle then crammed it into his backpack. As he watched all of this unfold, he had a “light bulb” sort of moment which triggered him to go straight home to test an idea. He wondered if the way to improve the Yoga & Fitness mat was to reinvent it entirely, Give it a purpose! Your yoga mat should make your life better, Not stress you out after your workout or practice.

 Finally.. What makes YoYo Mats special?! 

 The patented design allows your mat to do 3 key functions.

 1) Stays Rolled - Your mat shouldn't need straps and bags to stay rolled up, Or to be stuffed somewhere so it doesn't unroll when stored. Toss your YoYo Mat in the trunk of your car, Carry under your arm, or drop at home. The YoYo Mat will always stay rolled up in a perfect coil. 

 2) Self-Rolling - Don't fuss with rolling up your mat after your practice! All you have to do is simply flip over & click the end of your YoYo Mat and it will smoothly roll itself up in a nice neat roll.

 3) Stays Flat - No more annoying curling edges on your mat getting in the way! All four sides of your mat will stay flat to the ground, Giving you a smooth flat workout surface at all times. 

 Yogis & avid Fitness enthusiasts used to be a small select number of the population, Times have changed and YoYo Mats Understands that! You are unique, You are one of a kind and you incorporate Fitness into your life not as an obligation but as a priority that you are proud of! If you are going to spend your money on a high quality mat then you deserve a product that serves you and your modern lifestyle!

YoYo Mats isn’t just a mat, it’s an accessory that compliments your life, Its an extension of who you are and the life you are proud to live. Our goal is to create products that bring more value to YOU. Merging the worlds of high quality materials, modern but simple design, and functionality.

We want our customers to feel empowered and connected to their mat. A feeling that is not just a mat, but a mat designed to make their individual universe better.

YoYo Mats is dedicated to and thrives in the memory of the co-inventor Jack Thornton. 06/18/58 - 08/06/2016