Intermittent Fasting & My Yoga Practice

Intermittent Fasting & my Yoga Practice


I am YoYo Mats CEO & Inventor, With all the hype around Intermittent Fasting lately I thought id chime in and give my take on how I felt it has effected me & my Yoga Practice.

What is it? 

Its a style of eating where you cycle between periods of fasting daily. 

There are many opinions and reasons people do it, Such as for weight loss, Muscle recovery, Clarity of mind, some say it can help in slowing down aging due to the rejuvenation of cells from energy that would otherwise be being used to digest food constantly. 

What I do:

I personally decided to go with the 16 hour fast. So I allow myself to eat between the hours of Noon & 8pm everyday and the rest of the time I am fasting. 

Did I change what I ate?

Nope, I eat exactly what I was eating before but its just condensed to that 8 hour time window. 

My experience:

I personally LOVE IT. I have been doing it for about 9 months so far. At first I was a bit STARVING in the morning and was aggravated due to that. However after the first week I was waking up easier and with more energy. 

I workout I the mornings and usually don't like working out on an empty stomach but I have found I actually am more present in my Yoga practice or gym session and have better focus and stamina throughout the workout.

During my mediation and yoga I have felt less restless and have found it easier to settle in and ground myself in the moment, that probably has a lot to do with by workouts being in the morning when I am still in my fasting window and my cells have the energy to be used elsewhere instead of processing food.

Also i am not someone who wants to lose a bunch of weight so was concerned I would be starving myself or something but so far I have found I was able to lose fat only in the pesky areas that are hard to loose weight in (like in the lower abs) while keeping and even increasing my muscle in other areas! 

So for me its been a win win with the mental & physical benefits!

Not for everyone!

There are many people for which Intermittent Fasting is not a good fit for so please learn what you can and even consult your physician before diving in! 

Good luck & send us an email if we can answer any more questions on the subject about my experience!


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