Doing Yoga At Home Vs. Going To A Yoga Class

The mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of yoga are vast. Many different people of many different walks of life turn to yoga for their fitness and stress-relieving needs. As a versatile, low-impact, and relaxing exercise, yoga provides individuals with the space to give specific muscles and body parts a thorough stretch, as well as to calm the mind and promote overall relaxation. With so many different forms of yoga, it may be hard to find a style that suits your lifestyle. Whether you prefer hot yoga, traditional yoga, or even yoga with weights, there is always something to be gained from the practice.

Another aspect of your yoga practice is where you do it. While you may not realize it initially, your location and environment greatly impacts your yoga experience. If you prefer being in a community as you practice yoga, joining a studio might be the right move for you. However, if you have a busy, inconsistent schedule, then doing yoga at home on your own time might be your best option. There are pros and cons to studio yoga classes and at-home yoga, and today we’re going to list out all. Ultimately, where you choose to do yoga is up to you, and depends on your schedule and how much money you are willing to spend on a membership. If you are uncertain about whether you should make the membership purchase or continue doing yoga at home, you’re going to want to keeping reading this blog. So without further ado, let’s learn how you can experience the best yoga practice at home or in the studio.

Doing Yoga In A Studio


Just like going to a fitness class, participating in a yoga class provides you with the structure that is beneficial for staying consistent with your practice. This proves to be incredibly important if you are just beginning your yoga journey. Being taught proper breathing techniques and poses from an experienced yoga instructor in a classroom setting can be informational and impactful for you as you continue on in your practice. The structure that a classroom setting offers you can help you create yoga into your daily routine. Knowing that you have signed up for a class and have it written down in your planner is often all it takes to ensure that you get your daily yoga practice in.


Similar to structure, yoga classes provides you with accountability. Perhaps you wake up in the morning planning on doing yoga at some point throughout the day. As the day continues, you may realize that there isn’t enough time or that you’re too tired. When you schedule a class or sign up for a yoga membership, you are holding yourself accountable to your practice. Plus, when you spend money, it is more of a priority to get your money’s worth.

Learn From Your Peers

One of the great things about yoga classes and joining a yoga studio is the community that forms around it. Being around other individuals during class sessions provides the opportunity to learn. Gaining knowledge and forming relationships with others is what makes a yoga community strong. Plus, having friends in your classes makes the experience that much more exciting!

Doing Yoga At Home

Do It On Your Own Time

While yoga classes are interactive and informative, practicing yoga at home provides you with flexibility. If you have a very busy schedule, it may be hard finding the time to schedule a class at your local studio. Knowing what your schedule looks like, you can find the time in the day to do yoga when you have time. Whether you have time in the morning, in the evening, or even during your lunch break, being consistent with the time you devote to your practice will make doing yoga at home that much easier.

Save Money

Let’s be honest — individual yoga classes and yoga memberships can be pricey. While there are immense benefits of paying for access to a yoga studio, the truth is that this isn’t reasonable for everyone. If you are trying to save some money, doing yoga at home is your next best option. Since you don’t have to pay for any memberships, you can devote some extra dollars to investing in quality yoga accessories, including a yoga mat. If you remain consistent with your practice, there is nothing wrong with saving a few extra dollars a month and doing yoga in your house instead.

Compete With Yourself Only

Even with the practice of yoga, it’s easy to be competitive. In classes when you are surrounded by yoga students at various skill levels, it can be hard to not compare yourself. When you choose to do yoga at home, you are physically putting yourself away from anyone who you could compete with. Whether you realize your competitive nature or not, doing yoga at home forces you to put aside your competitiveness with others. If you choose to compete, it should be with yourself to improve your yoga practice.

Be Prepared With A YoYo Yoga Mat

As you can see, there are many pros and cons of doing yoga either in your home and in a yoga studio. However, wherever you choose to do your practice, one thing is for sure: you’re going to need the proper equipment and accessories. Here at YoYo Mats, we understand the importance of having a durable, reliable, and comfortable yoga mat, no matter where you decide to do yoga. That is why we are proud to offer our self-rolling yoga mats to make your yoga practice that much more convenient and hassle-free.

YoYo Mats are designed to simplify the time you spend doing yoga. Rather than worrying about a mat that keeps rolling up in the most inopportune times, you can ensure that your mat stays where it should be with the revolutionary self-rolling technology. Make with eco-alternative, latex and PVC-free material, your YoYo Mat will provide you with an eco-friendly and convenient yoga experience like never before. All you have to do is roll out the mat and snap down the end. When you’re doing yoga, you simply snap one end and the mat will roll up itself. How? Well, there are two patented steel bands within the yoga mat that springs it shut and keeps it rolled tightly.

Long gone are the days of worrying about your mat unrolling inconveniently in the back of your car or even under your arm. With a YoYo Mat, you can focus on what is important — your yoga practice. Order yours online today to experience for yourself.

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