7 Health Benefits Of Mint You May Not Know

7 Health Benefits Of Mint You May Not Know

Mint is among the oldest culinary herbs used by mankind. It is zingy, refreshing and delightful. Basically, mint is a group of different plant species, such as spearmint and peppermint. These plants could be added to foods in either fresh or dried forms. While consuming this plant is associated with some health benefits, many nutrition experts claim that a significant number of health benefits of mint derive from inhaling its aroma, topically applying it to skin and taking it in the capsule form. 

From improving digestion to maintaining fresh breath, mint is chockfull of health benefits that may surprise you. This article will reveal to you 7 out of science-based health benefits of mint that may surprise you. 

1. Aid Digestion

Mint has the ability to relieve indigestion as well as other digestive issues like upset stomach. According to some studies, people who took peppermint oil with their meals relieved reported a significant reduction in their indigestion symptoms. It is because peppermint oil helps speed up the movement of foods through the stomach, thereby easing digestive symptoms accompanied by indigestion.

On the other hand, peppermint oil has been linked with reducing pain and other symptoms of IBS thanks to the anti-spasmodic properties of methanol present in this essential oil.  

2. Treat Common Cold

One of noticeable health benefits of mint is its ability to treat common cold. It is the reason why many inhalers and vapo-rubs contain mint. Menthol found in mint is considered a common ingredient in medicines for treating cold and the flu. This compound helps reduce congestion and improve breathing and airflow. However, menthol does not have the function of a decongestant. It subjectively improves nasal breathing; therefore, it makes people feel like they breathe via their nose much easier. 

3. Remove Bad Breath

Among health benefits of mint, this advantage seems to be the most well-known. Mint-flavored chewing gum along with breath mints are favorite options that people choose upon trying to get rid of or prevent bad breath. Nonetheless, these products just mask the bad breath for a few hours without killing off the bacteria causing foul smells. Fortunately, if you drink peppermint tea or chew on fresh mint leaves, you will be able to both kill bacteria and mask bad breath thanks to the antibacterial properties of this plant. 

4. Cure Headaches

Mint is a strong adaptogenic herb with refreshing and strong aroma. Among mint species, peppermint has been used in alternative medicines for thousands of years. Peppermint oil is among the most popular essential oils for easing headache pain. 

A study showed that using peppermint oil topically on the temples as well as forehead provided relief from tension-type headaches.

The active compound which is mainly responsible for this benefit in essential oil is menthol. To use peppermint for migraine treatment, you can put some mint oil on your balms and rub it over your forehead and temples. This method will relieve your headaches and nausea. 

5. Improve Brain Function

This may be one of the most little-known health benefits of mint that may surprise you. Inhaling peppermint essential oil’s aroma is associated with many health benefits, including improved brain function. Smelling the oils from mint plant has been proven to help increase alertness and cognitive functions, and reduce the levels of frustration, fatigue and anxiety.

6. Ease Nausea and Morning Sickness 

 In fact, mint is really excellent in treating morning sickness and nausea. The refreshing aroma of mint alone might be enough to make you feel better; nonetheless, eating just a few leaves of fresh mint or drinking a cup of peppermint tea is reckoned an effective solution for nausea. It was proven that chewing this plant in the morning could aid pregnant women in getting through the nauseous feeling much better. 

7. Relieve Depression

Mint is a common ingredient of aromatherapy thanks to its refreshing smell. This aroma can be beneficial in beating depression and stress and rejuvenating mind. Mint’s adaptogenic effects can regulate the levels of cortisol and improve the natural resilience to stress of our body. Breathing mint’s aroma can help calm down your mind almost instantly and release a small amount of serotonin in your brain, thereby beating depression more effectively. To harness the health benefits of mint for depression relief, you can drink mint tea or take a mint bath.

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