Why Breathing Is Important In Yoga

Breathing is a necessary part of our daily lives. The involuntary function of inhaling and exhaling is what keeps us alive, however, if you have ever taken a yoga class, you may have noticed that the instructor was very focused on your breath. In today’s post, we will talk about why breathing is so important in the practice of yoga.

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The Importance Of Breathing

During a yoga class, your instructor will tell you to consciously think about your breathing. Your breathing is just as important as the poses because it allows for a deeper mind and body connection. Thinking about your breath also allows you to tailor your movements to when you inhale and exhale. For example, when you inhale, you have more energy, which is why you typically move into a new pose as you take a breath. On the other hand, as you exhale, you should feel your
muscles relax, which is when you should be stretching or sinking deeper into the pose.

How Breathing Can Improve Your Form

We mentioned in a previous blog that practice is essential if you want to improve your yoga skills. While mastering the movements and poses is important, it’s also necessary that you focus on the breathing aspects as well. As you practice yoga at home, pay special attention to how you breathe. One way yogis practice their breathing is with the Ujjayi breath. This type of breathing consists of constricting the back of the throat as you breathe through your nose. If you are practicing the Ujjayi breath, it’s important that your breath is audible, much like a whisper, or the sound of the ocean.

The Ujjayi breath is a great way to focus on your breathing. Constricting your throat makes you more conscious of the air going in and out of your nose, reminding you to take full, complete breaths. As you breathe, focus on the flow of movement to movement, as this is an essential part of the yoga practice.

Diminish Distractions

Often, when people enter their very first yoga class, they may be taken aback by just how quiet the room is. The reason behind this is because you’re supposed to focus on the connection between your body and mind, and yoga is a time for reflection. At first, it can seem daunting, and you may not be able to tune everything out. By focusing on your breathing, it’s easier to tune out other distractions. Consciously thinking of your breath allows you to focus on one thing instead of analyzing everything in the room.

Focusing on your breathing and perfecting the connection between breath and movement takes practice. That being said, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, one thing that is for certain — a good yoga mat is essential. At YoYo Mats, we can provide you with a quality yoga mat unlike any other. Our mats are made with innovative technology that allows them to lay flat and roll up on its own with just one click. Shop our self-rolling yoga mats today!

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