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The Benefits Of Using A Yoga Mat

There is no denying the many benefits that come from doing yoga on a regular basis. From stretching out your body and any tight muscles to providing your mind time and space to clear and unwind, there are incredible mental, emotional, and physical benefits of signing up for a yoga class or practicing yoga at home. One of the great things about yoga is that you don’t need a lot of equipment in order to experience the full effect. Unlike many other forms of exercise, you don’t need to lug around pounds of heavy equipment or spend an unreasonable about of money on the necessary apparel. Whether you head to the studio or start doing some stretches on the floor next to your bed, all you’re going to need is your body, a positive, receptive mindset, and a yoga mat.

Many yoga studios have yoga mats that you can rent or borrow for the class. If you have your own, you are always welcome to bring it. In fact, many people prefer bringing their own mats to their class for sanitary purposes. However, if you are new to the practice of yoga, have just signed up for a studio, or accidentally left yours at home and need a fill in, this is a great backup option. Whether you practice yoga at home or in a class setting, one thing is for certain: you’re not going to want to practice yoga without a yoga mat. Since yoga is something you can practice just about anywhere at anytime, you may be tempted to do so without a mat, but there are many benefits that come with doing yoga on the support of a mat. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be listing out these benefits. Before you head to the yoga studio or practice at home, be sure to read this and then order a YoYo Mat from our online store.

The Benefits Of Investing In A Quality Yoga Mat

Offers Comfort

When you first begin your yoga journey, a lot of the positions you’ll be in and a lot of the stretches you’ll be doing might feel uncomfortable at first. Many of the yoga postures you’ll be sequencing through will require you to hold and stay in that position for a few seconds or up to a minute. Over time, these difficult poses will become less challenging. But at first, it might feel uncomfortable. While there isn’t a way to make the actual stretches less uncomfortable, there is a way to make the entirety of your practice a little more comfy, and that is with a yoga mat.

Having a mat for you to sit, lay, and stretch on provides you with some padding for your back, hands, and knees. This is especially important if you struggle with sensitive joints anywhere throughout your body. While you won’t be sitting on a soft, fluffy pillow, the light padding that a yoga mat offers can relief any unwanted pressure as you make your way through the yoga positions.

Provides Stability

Just like creating an area of comfort, your yoga mat also provides you with a level of stability, as opposed to doing yoga on an uneven surface or even on carpet. Having a flat, even surface for you to sit down on during asana poses and to lay down on during savasana poses provides you with the stability to experience the full impact of the stretch. Plus, like mentioned above, you will feel much more comfortable. In addition to stability, a good yoga mat will also aid in creating a better sense of balance around you. Many yoga mats have a little stickiness to their surface that helps you stay grounded as you transition through balances exercises.

Creates A Physical Place For You To Retreat To

In addition to offering comfort and stability to your yoga practice, the simple act of using a mat provides you with a physical place to do yoga, no matter where you are. The more you practice yoga, the more you will feel at ease on your mat. Further, the more you mat will mean to you. Whether you’re at home on the floor next your bed, in a hotel room on a trip, or in the studio for a yoga class, rolling out your mat means that you are creating a space to devote to yourself and your yoga experience. Over time, your mat will become a sacred space for you, as it creates a physical location for you to retreat to, no matter where you are. All you have to do is roll it out.

Experience A YoYo Mat

No matter where or when you choose to partake in the practice of yoga, make sure you’re prepared with a mat from YoYo Mats. What are YoYo Mats? YoYo Mats are revolutionizing the practice of yoga. Designed to simplify the time you spend doing yoga, YoYo Mats are made with a self-rolling technology to ensure that it stays exactly where it should stay as you practice on it. No more getting frustrating with a mat that keeps rolling up on the sides or one that doesn’t stay rolled up as you transport it. How does it work? It’s simple — there are two patented steel bands in the mat itself that springs shut. This keeps the mat neatly and conveniently rolled when you aren’t using it, and keeps the mat flat on the ground when you are.

With a YoYo Mat, you don’t have to worry about your yoga mat unrolling in the back of the car or on the locker room bench. You don’t have to worry about the sides rolling us during downward dog or corpse pose. It will stay where it should be when it should be. Now you can focus on what matters — your yoga practice — without getting distracted or frustrated with your mat misbehaving.

Try it for yourself and order your YoYo Mat today. You’re not going to regret it — trust us.