The Amazing Benefits of Yoga & How It Can Help Your Mind & Body, Part One

Yoga has become an extremely popular form of physical exercise around the world, and for good reason. As a spiritual, mental, and physical practice, people have been practicing yoga for centuries. Whether you’re just beginning your yoga practice or you’ve been taking classes for years, there are a variety of health benefits that you can expect to experience. In part one of this blog, we’ll discuss some of the amazing benefits of yoga and how it can help your body and your mind.

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Become More Flexible

If you’ve ever attended a yoga class, you’ve probably seen advanced yogis twist themselves into pretzel-like poses. Have you ever wondered how those people get their bodies to twist and turn like that? Well, with a routine yoga practice, you can start to work your way towards those super challenging poses. Over the course of time, your muscles and your joints will start to gain a better range of motion. While you may not be able to touch your toes right away, with a little practice and persistence, you can get there!

Improve Your Posture

Did your mother ever tell you to stop slouching or to sit up straight? Poor posture doesn’t only look bad, it can also have negative impacts on the body. People who suffer from poor posture tend to have backaches, neck pain, joint problems, and even muscle fatigue. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your posture, signing up for a regular yoga class can help. Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your posture, as each pose aims to position your body into proper alignment without forcing you into unnatural positions.

Many new yogis will try to document their posture improvements by taking a picture of themselves before they start a routine yoga practice. If you decide to do this, take the time to document your progress with more photos after a few weeks or months. You’ll notice some major improvements in your posture, as yoga will strengthen your neck, shoulders, back, and lower body.

Better Balance

When you partake in a regular yoga practice, you’ll have many opportunities to work on improving your balance. From easy beginner movements to more advanced stretches, you can work your way towards better balance through a variety of popular yoga poses. Whether you’re holding Half Moon or Tree Pose, you will be challenged to hold a series of poses that primarily focus on coordination, balance, and strength.

Get Stronger

Did you know that yoga classes can help you gain muscle and get stronger? Unlike traditional workouts where you pump iron or pull on resistance bands, yoga utilizes your own bodyweight as a means of resistance. As you learn to flow in and out of different yoga sequences, you will naturally strengthen your muscles. When a pose starts to become easy for you, there are several different variations you can move onto for a more challenging pose. While just about every yoga pose can help you build stronger muscles, some of the best moves include plank, bakasana, and headstands.

Tone Your Body

Many women fear lifting weights because they are afraid that they will appear too bulky or masculine by doing so. One great thing about yoga is that it works to tone your body without the use of heavy weights and extravagant exercise equipment. Similar to a push-up or pull-up, yoga focuses on using your body weight as resistance which can help to give you a nice and lean figure.

Achieve A Better Night’s Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, men and women should aim for seven to nine hours of shut eye a night. These days, however, it seems like everyone is suffering from sleep issues, and getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night can be truly challenging. Many sleep experts recommend taking up yoga to help remedy this problem. In a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School, researchers investigated how a daily yoga practice can help people who suffer from insomnia. After eight weeks, the researchers found significant improvements in participants’ sleep quality and quantity.

Yoga has been know to help relax the human nervous system, which is the part of your body that is responsible for a restful night’s sleep. In addition, yoga’s meditative aspects can also help to quiet the mind. There are a few specific yoga poses that you can do to help you achieve a better night’s sleep. Try the poses uttanasana or savasana before you tuck yourself under the covers at night to help put your body in a more calm and relaxed state.

As you can see, there are many benefits to practicing yoga. In part two of this series, we’ll discuss some more reasons you should partake in a regular yoga practice. If you’re looking for a yoga mat to start your new yoga routine, be sure to browse YoYo Mats large selection of self-rolling yoga mats today!

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