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Should You Bring Your Own Yoga Mat To Class?

There is always something that wants to distract us. Whether that be our smartphones, our work email, or our kids, it takes a lot of effort to find space away from what is pulling at our attention in what we feel is a hundred million directions.

That’s why yoga is such a popular and highly effective exercise in this day and age. Yoga can provide you with time and space to unwind and clear your mind, and is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. After a long day of working, running errands, and tending to the kids, taking time to do yoga can come as a great relief.

One of the great aspects about yoga that sets it apart is its versatility. You can practice yoga how you want to, point blank. There are many yoga studios that offer classes and memberships to locals for those who want to experience yoga in a classroom setting and be taught by an instructor. But unlike many other studio-based exercises, yoga can easily be done outside of the classroom just as effectively. Whether you do a few stretches and pose sequences in the morning next to your bed before getting ready for the day or you take a few moments to yourself during a break during the workday, you can do yoga anytime you feel you need it without purchasing a class at your local studio or investing in a membership.

When you are just starting out your yoga journey, you may be wondering what equipment is necessary for beginners. The wonderful thing is that the only really necessary item is a yoga mat! Your yoga practice can happen wherever and whenever you so please. All you need is a solid, reliable yoga mat to ensure that your experience is comfortable, stable, and just for you.

But what if you’re thinking of joining a yoga studio? If you’re considering becoming a member at your local yoga studio, you may be wondering if purchasing a mat of your own is worth the investment when you could just borrow or rent one to use during your class while you’re there. The answer is: it’s really up to you. When it comes down to it, you need to feel comfortable with the equipment that you are using. So if you don’t mind borrowing a communal one at the studio, then that is a great option for you. And when we say “communal” we mean that the mat you’ll be using will have been and will be used by other individuals. However, rest assured that the mats are disinfected after each use.

All of that said, it’s important to note the many benefits of having your own yoga mat with you, whether you choose to partake in group sessions or practice on your own time. While we’ve mentioned above that there is nothing wrong with not purchasing your own and relying on the mats at the studio you’re at, there are benefits to having a yoga mat of your own. Continue reading to learn more.

Why You Should Invest In A Yoga Mat For Yourself

Peace Of Mind

While yoga studios clean and disinfect the mats they have for rent after each use, there is something to be said about having your own yoga mat that you don’t have to clean. Yoga is a movement-based exercise, so your skin will most definitely be in contact with the surface of the mat. If you are doing a hot yoga class, you will also be sweating as you move around. And of course the sweat drips down onto the mat. Yes, studios have to disinfect the mats for this reason, but having a mat of your own could bring you the peace of mind you need to fully devote yourself to your yoga session without worrying about the germs that have seen and may have not been eradicated from the surface on which you are doing downward dog.


There may come the day that you are rushing to your yoga class and get there just late enough to realize that the session is packed and there are no more yoga mats available at the studio to rent or borrow. You can easily avoid this situation by having a mat of your own at the ready. Keep it in the back of your car so you know it’s always there when you want to get to a class after work or even during your lunch break. When you have your mat at the ready, you can feel secure knowing that you the show must go on whether the studio is out of their mats go on. And on the other hand, if one day you do forget your own mat, you can know that your studio has you covered for your class (that is, if it’s isn’t full to the brim).

Save Money

While some studios have mats that you can borrow, it’s becoming increasingly popular to charge for mats. Even if it’s just a couple dollars, the amount of money you can spend on renting a mat can add up. If you frequent the yoga studio and are opting to pay for a mat rental instead of purchasing one of your own, it might be smart to do some simple math before you charge another two or three dollars.

Let’s say that you go to a class every day for a 30-day month. Each time you go, the studio at which your classes are charge you three dollars for a mat rental. Three dollars multiplied by 30 days of rentals equals $90. That’s almost a hundred dollars a month for renting a yoga mat, in addition to the price you’re paying to be apart of the studio and take classes. When you break down the numbers, it is much more efficient to purchase a mat of your own than to continue paying out the wazoo for a mat rental that may not even be guaranteed if the class is full.

A Cali Roll YoYo Mat is $79.99. Purchasing one for yourself would cost less than a month’s worth of mat rentals at three dollars a class. At the end of the day, the numbers speak for themselves.

Flexibility And Convenience In Your Yoga Practice

Like we mentioned at the beginning, yoga is versatile. The fact that you can do yoga anywhere at anytime adds an element of convenience to your life. And with a busy, stress-inducing lifestyle, there is nothing better than the sounds of that. But when you are choosing to rent mats at the yoga studio instead of purchasing one of your own, you are hindering the way in which you continue on in your yoga journey. Without a mat, your experience doing yoga at home or during travel can be uncomfortable. Investing in a yoga mat of your own gives you the flexibility and convenience that makes this exercise so powerful. Whether you wake up half an hour earlier than usual and want to do some yoga stretches to start your day right, or you don’t have enough time in the day’s schedule to make it to your class, having your mat on hand becomes incredibly convenient. All you have to do is roll it out. And with a YoYo Mat, the rolling out part is that much more fun...

Feel Invested In Your Yoga Journey

There is no better feeling than taking ownership of your life and what you do. And when it comes to yoga, it’s no different. Having autonomy in the way you practice yoga can greatly add to the mental, physical, and emotional benefits that are already ingrained into the exercise. One of the best ways to feel like you’re invested in your yoga journey is to invest in the equipment you use. Even though it may just look like a yoga mat from the outside, what it represents to you as you stand, sit, and stretch on it is momentous to your personal yoga experience.

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