Proper Yoga Etiquette: Part One

While yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, breathing rhythm, and burn calories, yoga is different than your traditional workout and as such, it’s important that you follow proper yoga etiquette. In part one of the multi-part series, we will go over five rules that will help to provide a relaxing, clean, and enjoyable environment for everyone.

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Be On Time

As you perform different yoga poses, it’s important to concentrate on your breathing so that each movement is fluid. However, if you arrive late to your class, trying to sneak into the back of the room not only disrupts the rest of the class, but it may be difficult for you to get a much out of the yoga experience as someone who arrives on time.

The best way to avoid a disruption is to plan ahead and arrive on time, if not a little bit before the class is scheduled to start. If you allow for a few extra minutes before the beginning of class, you won’t be in a rush to find your spot, lay down your mat, and get the props you need. By arriving early, you will be able to take your time and even get a head-start on focusing your breathing.

Leave Your Ego Outside

As we mentioned above, yoga classes are different than your traditional workout. Your mindset when you go to the gym as opposed to the yoga studio is substantially different. Instead of an intense environment where people are grunting and trying to compete with everyone around them, the yoga atmosphere is more about being relaxed and focusing on your breathing and the movements of your body. Because of this, it’s important to leave your competitive nature outside of the yoga studio in order to make all skill-sets feel welcome.

Take Off Your Shoes

Yoga is traditionally practiced without shoes, and many yoga studios enforce this practice all year round. Not only is this courtesy about the yoga tradition, but it is also about cleanliness. By practicing yoga barefoot, your mat will remain clean for longer periods of time. In addition to a clean mat, it will also keep the yoga studio clean, especially during the winter months. Cleanliness isn’t as big of an issue during the summer, but when it is raining or snowing, people will track in water and slush that creates a mess on the studio floor. It’s best for everyone to adhere to tradition and practice yoga without shoes.

Personal Hygiene

Yoga typically takes place in an enclosed space in a group setting. Because of the tight quarters, it’s import that you keep your personal hygiene in check so as not to disrupt anyone else in the room. That being said, hygiene can go both ways. It’s important that you bathe, use deodorant, and brush your teeth, in addition to using clean equipment and workout gear. On the other hand, it’s also important that you don’t wear any heavy-scented perfumes, as someone might be allergic to the strong scent.

Make Your Teacher Aware Of Injuries

Yoga instructors want to make the class effective and enjoyable for everyone. In some cases, this could mean developing modifications for certain poses, or even going around the room and helping students by adjusting their form. In order to get the most out of your yoga class, it’s important to make the instructor aware of any injuries, soreness, or personal space issues that you may have. This will allow your teacher to make any modifications that are necessary to accommodate your needs.

These are just a few simple rules of etiquette that will help you and those around you have the most enjoyable experience during your yoga class. Another way to get the most out of your yoga experience is by owning your own equipment instead of borrowing equipment from the studio. Luckily, YoYo Mats has top-of-the-line self-rolling yoga mats. Shop our YoYo mats online and get yours today!

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