Day 1

Dear first day backers,

Thank you for all your support! We feel extremely blessed to have so many people believe in YoYo Mats project. You have made our first day of launch extremely exciting. The power of social media brings tears of joy to our eyes. Thanks for getting us off to a perfect rolling start!

Special Thanks : 

Twitter :

@LilyAldridge @ChrissyTeigen @Sarah_Hyland @ErinHeatherton @JaredEng @DevWindsor @LydiaHearst

Instagram : 

@BryceYoga @Soy_The_Frenchie @SophiaLucia5678 @LoveHausLove @ErinHeathertonLegit @Cali_Kisses_Dance @BeachBunnySwimwear @FionaStiles

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