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Stretch goal #2 New Color Option!

Hello YoYo Mats Backers and Backers to Be! We will be adding a new color!!

When we reach our next goal of $150k, Every backer who pledged $79 or more will have a new color option to choose from, a Kickstarter special SEAFOAM/GREY!

Stretch Goal #1 Reached!

Stretch Goal #1 Reached!
Stretch Goal #1 Reached!

Thank you all YoYo Mats Backers. You guys are beyond amazing. With your help help and support, YoYo Mats have reached our stretch goal #1! Every backer of Early Bird and higher rewards will receive a YoYo Mats Tote Bag!

Something to share with you!

The YoYo Mats team feels blessed to have the support of each and every one of you! Its been a journey to get here but we have loved every minute of it! Read More...