The World is Ready for a SMARTER MAT!

Ergonomic Design + Patented Functionality = YoYo Mats



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Designed for your ON-THE-GO Lifestyle

Get In your practice and get on with your day!

Don't fuss with rolling up your mat after your practice! All you have to do is simply flip over & click the end of your YoYo Mat and it will smoothly roll itself up in a nice neat roll.


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Focus on what MATTERS

Clean Lines - No Wrinkles

No more annoying curling edges on your mat getting in the way! All four sides of your mat will stay flat to the ground, Giving you a smooth flat workout surface at all times. 



A Mat For the NEAT FREAK In You

Never Have a sloppy Unrolled yoga mat again...

Your mat shouldn't need straps and bags to stay rolled up, Toss your YoYo Mat in the trunk of your car, Carry under your arm, or drop at home. The YoYo Mat will always stay rolled up in a perfect coil thanks to our Patented Tech.

The ONLY Mat that stays rolled when put away


Focus on your workout Not on your messy mat

Store it, Stack it, Stand it & Stay in a Perfect Roll!

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We invented YoYoMats to be a fuctional workout accessory, Don't pay a premium for less. Treat yourself to a Mat that FUNCTIONS FOR YOU!

The SMARTER Yoga & Fitness Mat

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